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Create Your Own Vision
For years couples have struggled to come up with a concept for their wedding that represents their unique style. A collaboration that may vary from a little bit traditional with a splash of contemporary to eclectic with a funky edge. Today the sky is the limit on the customization of a wedding.

Customizing a wedding does not have to cost a fortune with today's technology and a little savvy research. We suggest taking the time to peruse through your favorite magazines. As you come upon things that inspire you in any way - tear them out. These pages can vary from a color of paint to the print in a sofa. If you are thumbing through bridal magazines tear things out that you would like to replicate for your big day. This process takes some time but it is important because showing your vendors your vision is far easier than trying to describe it.

Once your images are collected put them on a board and let the board tell the story of your wedding vision. Most times your board would contain photographs of food, beverage, colors, flowers, music, apparel and much, much more. When you look at this montage you should begin to feel a rush of how you want to feel on the wedding day when you walk into the room for the first time.

For a little kick into high gear we suggest you start at This site is amazing in every way. Their style is appealing to the masses as well as those who want something a little irreverent. They show you things in such detail it would be almost impossible to walk away from that site without a handful or more of fresh and fabulous ideas.

A traditional favorite is Martha and the gang continue to come up with some of the most appealing ideas for weddings. Another fabulous find at Martha's site is her "Wedding Workbook," a downloadable or printable worksheet for each section of the wedding. For your convenience we've included it on this page.

You can't miss with This site has the most hits of any wedding industry site around. They keep fresh by continually researching real wedding trends from across the country. You can find everything weddings from A to Z. If they don't have it, contact them and they'll give you the information you've requested.

We have also found to be very helpful. This site is similar to others but gets more in depth on wedding customs in other cultures. This has been extremely helpful to many.

Though they say we all watch entirely too much television while you are planning your wedding vision we suggest you tune into WE TV's Platinum Weddings if you have cable. If you don't have cable, no worries, you can go to Once there, click on shows and you'll unlock the mystery of the "Platinum Wedding." This show, though somewhat over the top will give you ideas that you can work into a budget of any size.


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